Virtual Tour

The best way to see yourself at Carroll is to see Carroll for yourself. If you can’t wait to get here in person, jump into our virtual tour below and explore away. That’s the Pioneer spirit!

  1. Click any pin to get started. The tour will bring you to that location.
  2. Click and drag around the photo to see the full 360-degree view of the area or room.
  3. Click another pin to get back to where you started, or to head to a new location.
  4. Click and drag to the bottom of the screen and click on the Carroll icon to jump to a map view. From the map view you can access several pins which will allow you to jump to a different area of campus.
  5. Keep going! To get all the way around campus, keep navigating to adjacent areas until you've seen all the spaces and rooms.

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More ways to see Carroll

See Yourself at Carroll

panorama of main lawn